Installing an EV ready kit in any new house build or renovation is the easiest way to ensure that when the time comes to install a Wallbox Pulsar EV charging station it is simple, easy and neat.


These cost effective kits will futureproof any home while giving you the convenience of immediate access to a domestic power outlet. During the wiring phase, a dedicated circuit is created from the distribution board to the EV Ready Kit; this is then terminated as a domestic socket outlet. When you require an EV charging station it is quick and easy for an electrician to swap out the adaptor plate and socket outlet for a Wallbox Pulsar or Pulsar Plus unit.


Kit contains EV Ready base & faceplate.

EV Ready Kit for Homes

    • Kit doubles as a fully functioning power point until you're ready for an EV
    • It’s easy for an electrician to swap the power outlet for a Wallbox Pulsar or Pulsar Plus charging station (sold separately)
    • If you move house you can easily take your Wallbox EV charger with you leaving the property “EV ready” and electrically safe for the next residents (Electrician required)
    • Great for businesses - remove and relocate your asset from a staff member's home without expensive remedial costs of repairing walls (Electrician required).
    • The faceplate is compatible with all standard domestic power points (power point not included in kit)
    • Available in black or white