Get insights and become a pro-installer at TransNet e-Mobility, we believe expert installation is as important as a well-functioning electric car charger:

  • Grow with the EV industry, offering the smartest installation technology.
  • Get fully certified to install our chargers by receiving training sessions from our experts.
  • You will also benefit from our technical support and charging station installer infrastructure.
  • Be the go-to person for Wallbox installations in your area and the face of excellent service and technical knowledge for the customer.
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Installation Products

Termination Pit

For the forward planners, this is the perfect place holder for commercial new builds where EV infrastructure will be required in future. It allows for traces/cables to be run and stored to terminate later


Distribution Pit

When a network of EV charge stations are going to be installed, this pit allows for all the terminations, tap offs and service fuses to be housed safely and inconspicuously for ease of maintenance


Wallbox Pedestal

Available for tethered and untethered style Wallbox charge stations, the Wallbox pedestal allows for charge stations to be installed in open spaces, customise the design!


EV Ready Kit

The perfect inclusion in any new home. Including an EV Ready Kin ensures a Wallbox Pulsar or Pulsar Plus can be installed without any need for upgrading the electrical circuit.


Isolating Switch

Weatherproof isolator switch. 240V, 35A, 2 Pole, IP66 rated unit with 4xM25 gland entries and is padlockable for worker safety.


Cable Bracket

This bracket has been designed and engineered to help keep your charge cable neat, tidy and safely off the floor avoiding damage to the plug and the sheath of the cable.


BeON Sensor

BeON sensor ensures the charger won’t overload your circuit by monitoring the usage and adjusting the current available to the charger.


Single Phase Power Meter

Dynamic Load Management helps avoid blackouts by adjusting the power the charger delivers to your car based on the amount of energy being used in your house.


EVSE Testing Kitset

The TransNet EVC-TESTING-KIT-XA includes all the accessories you need to connect your MI3100BSE multifunctional installation tester to an EVSE to complete testing on it.


Installation Resources

TransNet e-Mobility can organise installation of your new EV charge station. Simply contact us to discuss how we can take the hassle out of installation for you.

Installation of Wallbox chargers at home is very simple, any electrician can do it – talk to us about our network of certified installers. All our certified installers carry the appropriate test equipment required to ensure the installation meets all safety requirements.

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