Check out our FAQs below and if there is anything else you'd like to know about our products or how to purchase them, just get in touch!

Which cars are compatible with these chargers?

Our Wallbox chargers are compatible with all EV, talk to us about your requirements and we can help you choose the right charger for your application.

Do you install my EV charger?

We have a network of approved installers (all certified electricians) around the country that we have worked closely with to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of not only installation of this unit but how to use it. These installers will help you set up your charger and show you how to manage and schedule charge sessions via the myWallbox app. You're also able to use your local electrician if you'd prefer. Our team are available to assist with any questions your electrician might have.

What about installations for apartments and commercial spaces?

We are in a unique position at TransNet, for more than 20yrs we have been working with the electricity industry and understand the implications EV infrastructure can have on the supply. We are able to help with installations for any application or environment, please talk to us about your requirements. We offer a complete service from concept to after installation assistance and our software is perfect for facility managers or body corporates to manage and recover charge costs.

What if I have problems in the future?

We support our products even after they are installed, if you need assistance please contact our customer support team and they will connect you with a technician to sort the issue for you. Our units are futureproofed too, the software can be updated as technology advances and improvements are made. If you need any help with this, please just get in touch.

I'm building but don't have an EV yet, should I pre-wire for a charger?

It is definitely worth considering. During the build process, adding a dedicated circuit for an EV charger to be installed at a later date is a very cost effective option. We have an EV Ready Kit available specifically for this purpose. The kit gives you a functioning double powerpoint while you're not in need of an EV charger, once that changes, your electrician can simply take the cover plate off and install your EV charger in it's place. No need for running wires and of course the costs associated with that.

What if I have two EV with different charge plugs?

We have solutions available for all applications, really it depends if you need to charge both EV everyday or if they can alternate and use the same charger. Talk to us about your EV milage and we can help you come up with the solution that best suits your property and budget.