Check out our FAQs below and if there is anything else you’d like to know about our products or how to purchase them, just get in touch!

Why should I install a charger at home?

Any EV sold new in NZ will use more than half the maximum power a house is wired for, so charging while the oven and heat pump is on will overload your house and potentially blow the main supply fuse (requiring a call out from the power company to fix, and most likely an invoice for the trouble).

It is important that your EV is charged when you need it, and the Wallbox will ensure that this is done, all while monitoring the rest of your house to make sure the charging is done within the electrical supply constraints of your house. The Wallbox app offers a simple way to set up charging so that you can get the energy you need, at the time you need it, at the lowest possible price.

The Wallbox is packed with features that you can use now, as well as features for the future, that can be used when your power provider develops software to manage the electrical grid load with EV charging (offering you significantly cheaper power in order to do so)

Can you help me determine what I need?

Yes of course, our team are very knowledgeable and have been working in this space for many years. With our core business in the utility industry, we understand electricity and the challenges both suppliers and consumers face when introducing EV infrastructure to a new or existing site. Our team can be contacted via our contact form or phone our office. The good news is that the requirements are the same no matter whether you’re charging a small EV or a full sized electric rubbish truck – the same Wallbox can do both!!

Will Wallbox be able to charge my EV?

Yes, Wallbox is compatible with every electrical vehicle available in the market from passenger cars right up to heavy trucks. Let us know what model EV you have and we’ll know which plug type you need on your charger.

Who can install my Wallbox?

We have a nationwide network of preferred installers, if you’d like us to put you in touch with one, contact us for details. Of course if you have an electrician you’d prefer to use for the install, we’re happy to work with them to make sure your install goes without a hitch.

What’s your after sales service and support like?

We’ve been around for more than twenty years and we know that after sales service and support are as important as the sale itself. We’re available to assist you troubleshoot any issues or questions you may have. Simply contact our team and they’ll help you out.

What is Smart Charging?

Smart charging can be a loosely used term, but the key functionality with smart charging is control.

  • Control so the user can set up scheduled charging
  • Control so the user can set the charge speed to suit their needs
  • Control so that you can charge multiple EVs at the same house
  • Control so that when your power retailer offers you exceptionally low power rates if they can control your charging station using OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) you can opt in.
  • Control so that all EV charging is done in a way that ensures you don’t overload the grid or blow a fuze.

Most importantly, once set up, a smart charger will do all of the control with no ongoing input from you. All you do is plug in when you get home and the smart charger will do the rest.

How long does it take to charge an EV?

Most home charging stations will add a maximum of between 32 and 50 km of range per hour on charge (when supplying full power), the time taken to charge will depend on the following:

  • The size of the EV battery
  • How much energy is already in the battery (often called state of charge SOC)

DC charging (and its various terms) is designed for use on the days when you are doing more distance than the range of your EV and need to top up while on a journey. An exception to this is when organisations offering DC charging give the energy away for free at their DC charging stations and you have enough patience to wait your turn (they can be pretty busy).

Can you help with installation at a commercial premise or apartment building?

Yes absolutely, TransNet has the perfect solutions for these applications. Either use our NZ designed and made pedestals with underground distribution kitsets for outdoor carparks, or our world first NZ designed and made cable tray mounted EV charging station solution for any covered carpark. Talk to the team about options.

How does the app work?

The App adds easy to use functionality, but it’s also not required to use your Wallbox if you prefer not to have ‘yet another app’. You can monitor, manage and control your Wallbox remotely from anywhere. myWallbox also offers automatic notifications for when your car has finished charging as well as reminding you to plug it in for a scheduled charge and if there are any software updates available. You can view statistics from your charging history, view real time data and monitor consumption via graphs and charts.

It is easy to check in and see how much it is costing you to power your EV, and especially handy if you have just gone to bed and can’t remember if you have plugged in, a quick check of the app will confirm if you have…..or if you have to get up and do it.

When using it for a commercial premise or apartment building, the app can be used to ‘unlock’ or assign a charging session to a user. Simply open the app and click on the charging station you want to charge from. If you’re an approved user of that charge station, the Wallbox will then turn on the power to your car. Then energy costs will then be assigned to you, and you don’t need to worry about anyone else using ‘your’ power as the automatic locking feature of the charging station will ensure this can’t happen. This same feature can be used at home if you have the charging station located outside.

Is there an ongoing subscription fee to use the app?

No, there are no subscriptions or ongoing costs associated with downloading and using the Wallbox App and Portal. For commercial / business users where you’d like to offer charging at a cost to users, Wallbox have released a charging station that comes with a 4G connection so that a reliable internet connection is assured, there are also no ongoing data costs associated with this system. Access to extra features in the Wallbox App and Portal (and automatic credit card-based payment system) is also enabled with this charging station with no ongoing costs.