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Home Sharing – Wallbox Monitors & Automatically Adjusts

When buying a charger for your home, it’s important that it can work in harmony with the rest of your appliances. We never really query whether we’ve got enough supply or how much power things are actually using. Wallbox power boost ensures your EV charger will charge at the maximum capacity it can WITHOUT overloading your installation! That means it will automatically adjust as other appliances in your home turn on and off. Now that is smart!!

Tethered vs Untethered Charging – What’s the difference?

When buying an EV charger you have a few choices to make. One of those choices is to go tethered or untethered. What does that mean? Well a tethered charger has the charge cable permanently attached to the charge station and therefore is quick and easy to plug in. An untethered charge station on the other hand means you can plug in a Type 1 or Type 2 charge cable depending on the vehicle you need to charge. One however is much faster and much less labour intensive than the other.

Load Management – Wallbox For EV Charger Network

Ensuring the available supply of a building or complex isn’t over allocated is essential to keeping the power on! Load sharing is key, Wallbox are the smartest and smallest EV chargers available and they offer inbuilt load sharing.

Electric Vehicle Charge Station Comparison

This video gives an easy to understand visual description of the types of EV charging and how ‘fast’ each type is. When represented as water moving through a pipe it’s easy to understand the options and how they work.


Wallbox is the European company responsible for designing the smallest and smartest EV Charger range.

Wallbox was created to offer a next-generation system, designed to optimise the loading of electric and hybrid vehicles, reducing the loading time, reducing the costs of your energy invoice and allowing you to make the most of your car.

Instructions for installing a TransNet pedestal pit and the pedestal

3D render video showing pedestal pits and EV distribution pits

3D render video showing the TransNet pedestal range