Power Supply Pits

The EVC Pit kit is designed to be a complete solution to break-out from larger capacity supply cables and feed EV chargers with the current capacity required while ensuring electrical standards are met.

Our Pit kits offer the ability to loop a large supply cable (up to 120mm²) to feed multiple EVC Pits. Up to 6 chargers per pit, with a maximum of 3 pits (max 15 chargers) from a 160A three-phase feeder, or more chargers with load sharing (see Wallbox load sharing capabilities).

Designed for permanent underground termination in walkways, driveways or carparks, allowing for a clean and tidy architectural installation.

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  • Maximum supply current 160A per phase (3P+N).
  • Recommended maximum cable sizes:
    1. Main Supply IN (up to 120mm2)
    2. Loop OUT (up to 120mm2)
    3. 6qty 10mm2 Supply OUT (fused at 32A)*
  • Supply up to 6 x EV Chargers with 32A single-phase EV chargers per EVC-PIT-KIT.

* Each EV charger requires individual isolation; overload protection and Type-B RCD as per AS/NZS3000-2018 and Worksafe guidelines on EV Charging installations.


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