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TransNet NZ Limited

The E-mobility

TransNet NZ Limited

The E-mobility

With more than 20 years supplying electrical components to the electricity industry in New Zealand and the South Pacific, we understand all areas of the industry.

Being 100% privately New Zealand owned and operated we are able to do things differently to other businesses.

Whether you are a private citizen or a business thinking about installing EV charging infrastructure, we can help with selection, planning, and installation.

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Charging Solutions

With TransNet you’ll get the complete EV charging solution, from concept to installation with the very best after-sales service.


Smarter, faster and more versatile charging for your EV. Compatible with Solar and runs in harmony with your home’s electricity supply. Optimise your energy usage and save on costs thanks to smart charging features that give you the control.


Smart charging solutions for businesses that want an efficient and trouble-free system for managing their fleet. Allocate and recover costs, reimburse staff for charging at home and manage access to chargers from the Wallbox App and Portal.


With a combination of AC and DC charging stations and intelligent smart energy management software in the Wallbox App and Portal, fleet operators have all the flexibility and control they require to run an efficient and effective EV fleet. We can assess your site and available power supply to design a customised solution for each site and your fleet as a whole.

Retail & Hospitality

Whether you want to offer free or paid charging to your customers, our solutions will fit. Built-in load balancing allows for multiple electric vehicles to charge simultaneously by distributing power across connected chargers without overloading the supply. Tethered and untethered chargers offer flexibility and control as well as payment gateways without having multiple apps.

Commercial Parking

Whether it’s hotels, apartment blocks or public car parking facilities, allocating and securing chargers for those intended to use them is controlled through the Wallbox App and Portal. Paying for charging sessions is fast easy and accessible for anyone that is required to pay.


If you are looking for accessories for your EV charger we have them all in one place. From brackets to switches, plugs and leads, we’ve got everything you need to install and maintain your EV charging station.


Complete Solution

From concept to installation and after sales service. Whether a business or residential installation we assist with all aspects of your EV charger installation whether it’s an individual unit in a home or designing a network of chargers to operate at a workplace.

Leading Supplier

TransNet has more than 20yrs experience in the electricity industry, supplying the very best products to Utilities in NZ and the South Pacific. Our stock levels and reliability of supply are second to none.

Latest Innovations

We’re always looking to supply the very best solutions to our customers, not only do we source these products globally, we test and prove they are fit for our very unique electricity network so you have peace of mind with your purchase.