Smart Electric Vehicle charging solutions for Fleet, Apartments, Hospitality and more.  Allocate costs and recover costs easily.


Designed and built righthere in New Zealand, these pedestals have been well thought out, their sleek look ease of use and ability to be customised in so many areas make them a must have for any semi-public or corporate installation.

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With two options available, the Raption 22 and Raption 50, these ultra fast DC chargers are perfect for fast charge locations.

DC charge station infrastructure is the most expensive for a number of reasons, it is necessary to have some DC infrastructure installations but for the majority of charging situations AC charging should be sufficient.

The Best Charger Network

Semi-Public Info
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If you're interested to understand more about just how smart Wallbox EV chargers are, have a look at these videos.  From the Network constantly monitoring and adjusting charge supply to live monitoring from your device, Wallbox has it all at your fingertips.

Wallbox Public Charging

Wallbox making it quick and easy to charge when out and about.  Check out this video showing how the payment system works.  Easier than sorting out a parking meter!

Charger Load Sharing


With seven Wallbox Commander units installed in a shopping centre carpark, the management team are able to monitor usage habits and costs.  They can use the 7" screen on each charger to create additional revenue by selling advertising space, or simply load a message or image for users to see.  The monitoring and reporting mechanism enables them to determine if and when expansion of the network is required.

Take Full Control

  • Monitor charge sessions, charging behaviour and usage

  • User-friendly upgradable software

  • Cost Allocation reporting for reimbursement or charging

  • Allocate chargers and users to chargers

  • Allow access to multiple chargers from your PC or smartphone

  • Manage up to 75 chargers on each network

  • Manage access of unlimited users

MANAGING A FLEET? Ditch The Fuel Card

  • Dynamic load balancing - ensures your installation doesn't get overloaded

  • Dynamic phase balancing - ensures all phases are used equally  as much as possible

  • Manage your fleet and offer flexibilty of charging at home then being reimbursed for the power used

  • myWallbox reporting system allows for easy cost allocation, charge session tracking and charger access