Touchscreen simplicity and powerful performance - A device equipped with state-of-the-art technology, conceived and designed to offer maximum performance at all times. Commander allows you to make efficient use of energy and provides a customised experience.  Intelligent, always connected, 7" touchscreen display.


*Installation price is for standard install only, cost will be confirmed prior to installation.



All Wallbox charge stations offer users the ability to adjust and set the charge current (within the limits of the electrical installation determined by the electrician at time of installation) from a minimum of 6amp up to the limit of the unit.  This allows you to tune your charger to your individual charging requirements with the ability to ramp it up when necessary for days of larger distances travelled. 

Reducing the load your charger is pulling is better for the environment, the electricity network and your installation, it reduces the impact of EV charging on the infrastructure - take what you need, when you need it.  Charging as fast as possible is in most cases unnecessary, so charging over a longer time at a lower current will have the least impact on the electricity supply.  The myWallbox app makes it fast and simple to adjust the charge rate.



Wallbox Commander

    • Touchscreen - 7" touchscreen with customised interface and charging power adjustment.
    • Status - Locking/Unlocking of the charger for more secure use using the touchscreen pin pad.  
    • Programmable Charging - Allows the vehicle to be charged during times at which energy is the cheapest (especially important for customers on varying electricity rates).
    • Energy - Monitor your Daily / Weekly / Monthly energy consumption.
    • Charger Colours - Available in White / Black / Black & White