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Power Supply Pits

An easier and functional future.

These pits have been designed to supply multiple EV pedestals.  Essential for future proofing but also for installations of multiple chargers in a network situations like carparking buildings, apartment complexes, commercial premises and the like.

The range includes the pedestal termination pit and the EV charger network main power supply pit.

To break out from main supply to multiple charger networks

Futureproof your site by including these pits when the property is built



For Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

Designed to be a complete solution to break-out from larger capacity supply cables to feed up to 6 EV chargers at full capacity while ensuring electrical standards are met. 
The pit features the ability to loop a large supply cable (up to 120mm2) to feed multiple EVC-PIT6-KITs. Up to 6 chargers per pit, with a maximum of 3 pits (max 15 chargers) from a 160A 3phase feeder, or more chargers with load sharing (see Wallbox load sharing capabilities).

EVC-PIT6-KIT is designed for permanent underground termination on walkways, driveways or carparks, allowing for a clean and tidy architectural installation.



  • Maximum supply current 160A per phase (3P+N).

  • Recommended maximum cable sizes:

    • Main Supply IN (up to 120mm²)

    • Loop OUT (up to 120mm²)

    • 6qty 10mm² Supply OUT (fused at 32A)*

  • Supply up to 6 x EV Chargers with 32A single-phase EV chargers per EVC-PIT-KIT.


EV Pedestal Termination Pit

Connection Point for Daisy Chain of supply to multiple pedestals

Perfect for futureproofing of new commercial buildings and carparks.  Installing these pits during construction removes the need for costly rework when the installation of EV chargers are required.



  • Offers a high level of protection for critical terminations through the use of its lockable lid

  • Easy-locking lid only opened with security key

  • Ease of termination maintenance due to large working aperture

  • Lightweight design allows easy handling, storage and transportation

  • Suitable for both paving and hot tar applications

  • UV-stabilised against degradation by sunlight

  • Non-brittle to prevent cold weather damage

  • Can withstand 5 tonnes making it idea for installation in heavy traffic areas