EECA Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund Project

The Government has established a contestable fund to encourage innovation and investment to accelerate the uptake of electric and other low emission vehicles in New Zealand, which might not otherwise occur.

As a business that relies heavily on our team of sales people travelling the country to visit and support our customers, it's essential for our team to have access to an overnight charge wherever in the country they are staying while away for work. Our proposal to EECA for funding from this fund was to install overnight AC charging infrastructure around the country at motels.

15 Sites Nationwide

The success of this submission sees funding approved for 15 sites around the country. We'll be working closely with the client to ensure a nice spread of chargers in locations that will offer the most benefit to EV drivers for this initial roll out.

How It Will Work

We'll work together closely with the motel chain and the installers in the area to ensure a seamless roll out nationwide. We'll be training the accommodation owners on how the myWallbox software and how they can make the best use of its functionality.

The chargers themselves are easy to use, the accommodation providers will easily be able to offer access to their guests via a number of options. These include RFID key tag and remote unlocking.

For the traveller, this is a game changer, there will be no need to worry about whether there is a local DC charger than can use, and more pressing - whether that DC charger is in use already. They simply book their accommodation and whilst doing that they request a charger too. When they arrive on the day, they check in, get access to the charger, park their EV in the allocated space, plug it in and in the morning they have a full battery to start the next day.

For any travelling EV driver (whether travelling for work or pleasure) this is going to be something very useful and currently under-rated. As EV become more and more mainstream, the availability of overnight AC charging where the vehicle is parked is going to become more and more important.

The Future Is Now

We are excited to be spearheading this project with the motel chain and will be keen to see how easily it's adopted by EV users nationwide.

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