We've got a charger for every application, if you need help to choose the right charger for you, we can help!

While choosing your EV is exciting and fun, choosing the type of charger you need can feel a bit more difficult - it doesn't need to be!

The right choice of charger is the one that ensures your EV is ready to go when you are.  That's where we come in!  All Wallbox electric vehicle chargers can charge ALL electric vehicles from the smallest car to the largest Rubbish Truck.


Since they can all charge every EV available now and in the future, that leaves you free to choose your charger based on other features like facial recognition, RFID security, touch screen or simply plain good looks.

Rest assured, we've done all the hard work - all our chargers have been rigorously tested both internationally as well as right here, and meet all the New Zealand safety requirements to offer you the smallest, smartest and safest EV charger installation.


No problem!  We're happy to help you figure it out.  Click the button below and send us a message, we'll be in touch with you shortly.

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Emergency Charging


This is using the portable charger that comes with your EV.  These chargers are fine for people that have an EV with a small battery like a PHEV or people who have an extended amount of time to charge.  It plugs into your wall socket and offers slow AC charging to your EV at around 10-12km of range to your EV for every hour it's charging.  We don't recommend using this charger for everyday use, instead we advise all EV owners to have a wall mounted charge station installed in their home.

Plug 'n' Play Charging


A wall mounted solution for any home, this charge station offers the ease of simply plugging it in and walking away.  There is nothing to set, no app to unlock and no buttons to press.  This type of charging is much faster than the portable charger (adding around 50km per hour of charge) because it's done with a higher energy rate.  You must have these units installed by a qualified electrician to ensure the installation is safe.  We recommend all EV owners have a wall mounted unit installed in their homes.

Smart Charging for Home & Fleets


Simply the smallest and smartest EV charger on the market.  Wallbox charge stations offer a comprehensive software package with app access, control and reporting.  Perfect or fleet charging, apartment blocks or unsecured charger locations.  With the ability to charge at specific times, these chargers can lower the load on your home at peak times and if applicable, allow you to charge with off peak power rates.  Typically adding around  50km per hour of charge it makes charging simple.  You must have these units installed by a qualified electrician to ensure the installation is safe.  This type of charging would suit the majority of users.