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Components & Spare Parts

All the extras you never thought you needed are available

Need to change from Type 1 to Type 2 plug on your EV charger, or a lead for use with untethered DC rapid chargers, or even just simply need a suitable charge lead to keep in the car for those times you find yourself staying away from home for the night......we have it all.

From spare parts to all the components and handy extras you need for installation of your charger.

Type 1 & Type 2 Rewireable Plugs for retrofitting

Safety should always come first, our B-Type RCBO offers peace of mind around the installation

Plug to Plug & Plug to Bare End leads as well as Portable Chargers

All chargers should have an isolating switch and here is the perfect one for the job

Charge Station Cable Holders for keeping leads safe & tidy

The perfect accessory for Semi-Public & Public open air installations

Rewireable Plugs


Type 2 rewireable plug for applications
up to 32 amps



Type 1 rewireable plug for applications
up to 32 amps

Portable Charger

Regardless of the car and the distance that has to be bridged between the charge station and the car, Ratio Electric always offers you the cables that suits you best and their portable chargers are no exception.

  • Car plug Type 1 or Type 2 female moulded - Dekra type approval

  • Schuko (or country specific) plug with a maximum charge power of 10A

  • CEE plug with a maximum charge power of 16A

  • Overcurrent protection

  • Under and overvoltage protection

  • Earth wire detection

  • Auto restart function

  • Selectable charge current




Housing:  Thermoplastic material

IP Rating:  Waterproof (IP67)

20mA Current breaker

Charge Cable Holder


The perfect accessory to keep your charge cable tidy and protected from damage

Pedestal Stands

Well designed, robust and slim line.  the Wallbox pedestal stand can be purchased with the Pulsar charger attached or at a later time as an accessory for retrofitting.


C32A B-Type RCBO offers fault protection (against indirect contact of live parts), additional protection (in case of direct contact of live parts I∆n≤30mA) and fire protection (for locations exposed to fire hazard).  

Tested to meet requirements of 
IEC/EN 61009-1,  IEC/EN 62423 & VDE 0664-400 B+.


Mode of operation, pure AC & pulsating DC residual current sensitivity, A voltage independent, B Smooth DC current sensitivity.

Minimum operating voltage: 50V

Isolating Switch

Weatherproof isolator switch.  240V, 35A, 2 Pole, IP66 rated unit with 4xM25 gland entries and is padlockable for worker safety.


High visibility ON/OFF indication

High strength locking screws

Made from UV Resistant Polycarbonate, IP66

Phase connections up to 25mm2 cable, E and N 16mm2 cable

Pad-lockable handle with front and rear entries

Ample cable space for the large cables